Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On the Road in New Mexico and Arizona

On the road again.... spending LOTS of time together... family bonding... like you can only imagine... PRAY FOR US!
We're on our way to Arizona where I'm doing Cadre's Ministry Is Relationships training for youth workers there. We've stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to visit our friends--the Schillings.
We climbed a couple of inactive volcanos... Bill III thought he was king of the hill.
I'm happy to report that we didn't lose a single person... though they enjoyed getting as close to the edge as possible.
And amazingly--no one complained about hiking a couple of miles. In fact, they LOVED it!
Emily (left and with sunglasses) celebrated her 16th birthday on this day...
Where's the flat land and corn fields? This ain't Illinois!!!!


The Dime w/ Doug said...

with or without the use of coffee...that is all I want to know

Hok said...

Wait... there's a way to do things without coffee?

Bill Allison said...

OK... I confess.... we've been to every Starbucks from IL to AZ... and LOVED IT.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW they were smiling too much!!!
Praying for you!!! Travel safely!

Bill Allison said...