Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Journey Lately... in Pictures

Last Saturday, Emily (LEFT) woke up in Chicago, IL and was doing ministry in Tijuana, Mexico, by early afternoon. Yes, she just got back from the Dominican Republic earlier this month--but when we say we want to unleash our kids on the world--we mean it. Pray for the world! : )

Seriously, please pray for her this week while she is in Mexico--for her to encounter God and to be a blessing to those she comes in contact with on this journey.

Josey [RIGHT MIDDLE} recently turned 11. Stacy and I, however, opted not to age this year.

The family that plays paintball together stays together? I guess that depends on who shoots whom.

Two weeks ago, we traveled to Arthur, IL, where we continue to invest our lives in the great folks at Cornerstone Fellowship (one of our favorite churches). About 50% of the church attended the training on Saturday. The pastor wrote, "Thank you for a great weekend. Your teaching on Saturday distilled what we have been trying to teach. And then Sunday. --what a refreshing and encouraging word. The teaching you gave needed to come from someone other than me and from someone who has gained the trust of our people. No one could have done that but you. God used you Bill.

Our ministry in Arthur, IL, was a tag team event. I did training with the adults--and Emily, Bill, and Aubrey did children's ministry with the kids--including puppets, music, Bible stories, and games

As Forrest Gump would say, "And that's all I have to say about that." Thanks for catching up on our journey... and taking the journey with us.


Anonymous said...

That's CRAZY!!!!!

Bill Allison said...

Indeed... CRAZY!!!!!