Friday, February 15, 2008

We arrived in Costa Rica

We've arrived safely in Costa Rica and we've been getting the lay of the land.
While Emily has traveled abroad, this was Bill and Aubrey's first time in an airplane and going overseas.

Our missionary friends, Mark and Karen Edwards, and their team picked us up at the airport... and we were off an running.

Bananas! Yummy! This picture was taken on the campus where we are staying and where I'll soon be training over 50 volunteer youth pastors (Costa Rica, like most countries of the world, doesn't have the luxury of paid youth workers... so our passion for equipping and encouraging volunteer youth workers is a great fit).

It has been so much fun to do this missions trip with my three teenagers. Please continue to pray that God would work deep in our hearts... and use all of us to bless others. Right now, as I type, my three kids are at a Bible study with Costa Rican's... and yes... it's in Spanish. Emily knows enough to actually talk and explain it to the other kids. (Bill is taking German in school right now, so we'll lean on him if we ever get to Germany!)

Care to guess what I'm eating? Hint: I LOVE this stuff!

Stay tuned for more pics and one more update on our training ministry in Costa Rica! And please continue to pray for us! Thanks for stopping by Cup O' Joe!


Anonymous said...

COOL! WE are praying for you guys.

Leave it to you to find a panera bread in CR.

Melissa said...

I am glad to see and hear that things are going well for you in Costa Rica! My prayers are with you! Cheering you on

Minorpunk56 said...

I'm so glad to see you guys enjoying yourself.

I'm also glad to see your daughters supporting Flatfoot so far from Illinois...

Pheaney said...

You never told us what you're eating!

Bill Allison said...

OKAY... it's NOT coffee (gasps of shock via the internet)... it's the pod that houses cocoa beans... and they are covered with a sweet goo. Monkey's like the goo... do you see why I'm eating the goo?