Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Secrets for a Movement of Disciplemaking

One candle lights another only if it is brought close.

If you're not walking close enough to Jesus to receive the flame...

or if you not pulling a handful of people close enough to you so you can pass the flame...

then I don't care how much you go to church, talk, teach, and preach... you'll never be a Jesus-like disciplemaker.

Think about it. One candle lights another only if it is brought close.

Are you close enough to the flame to receive it... and close enough to others to pass it on?

Here's something to help you receive the flame and pass it on to others.

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Congruency: Living Outside What's on Inside said...

I think my conviction of the last 10 years is that I am more like the world than I want to admit! We want to be involved in something and then go home and do whatever.

Ministry has become a scripted program in which we walk away from people having followed the program and convince ourselves "hey, I have done my job...they aren't my problem..." without investing in the prayer time, faith, sword of the Spirit and relationships.

Good analogy~get close enough to pass on the flame...its about being a vessel, only God changes lives, but He uses us as His hands and feet!