Sunday, December 28, 2014

Monday Funday: A Comedy of Errors (or Bearros)

This is my last post on Da Bears for 2014. I promise.

Will you please be kind enough to let a guy grieve a little?

How bad is it?

It's so bad that I was offered two FREE tickets to Da Bear's game on December 15th, and neither I nor my son wanted to go. Since you know how die hard we are about Da Bears, that should frighten and amaze you. And the way Da Bears played that night made us both glad we didn't take the FREE tickets.

Here's a video that I think is a microcosm of Da Bears' 2014 season...

If video doesn't appear, go here.

Lamar Houston gets a great sack (finally) and injures himself in the celebration. He's out for the season.

Yep, that sums up the 2014 season pretty well.

A comedy of errors (or Bearrors)

Like I said, I'm a die-hard Bears fan. And I always will be. But this season has been particularly painful. More than any I remember in recent years. It hurts. But there's a fine line between deep pain and good comedy. Seriously. There is. To prove it, I want to use this post to have some fun with my beloved Bears. If you're a Packer's fan, consider how this is something you could never do for your team, and mourn a little for the brokenness soul.

This picture explains the two games my son and I went to this year. Yep, that one at Soldier Field and that one at Lambeau. Wow. Those hurt. For a while. But we still had a lot fun together as father and son, so we redeemed these embearassing games. Thank God I didn't pay for either game!

For most of the season, I've laid pretty low on social media. I think this picture describe how we Bear fans feel. Let's face it. As a Bears fan in 2014, I got nothing to talk smack about. Da Bears have NOT given us anything to talk smack about.

This picture is funny precisely because there is truth in it. I'm not sure WHO is to blame for 2014. Marc Trestman? Jay Cutler? Mel Tucker? The Chicago Cubs? The goat? Probably all of the above. Let me say that while I am and always will be a die-hard Bears fan, I've never been a fan of Jay Cutler. I honestly tried to like Jay. I just couldn't do it. Even when he has a great half of game. I was shocked when Da Bear's locked Cutler in with that ridiculous $127-million-dollar-seven-year contract. If I'm ever taken hostage, I want whoever negotiated Jay Cutler's contract to negotiate my release. The big problem with Jay Cutler is that his rockstar swagger is not proportionate with his pathetic performance on the field. I predict that Da Bears will never be a Superbowl contender as long as Jay Cutler is the quarterback. There. I said it.

What can I say? This picture is also funny and fitting for 2014.

Here's the only solace we have in 2014...
It's still true.

And we'll be back next year. You have been warned.

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