Meanwhile, in the midst of a crazy world, we're still making disciplemakers...

These are crazy times, aren't they? And it's seems to be getting crazier every day. Meanwhile, we're staying focused on making disciplemakers. Here's why.
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with Cup of Cold Water MinistriesCCWM has 32 missionaries 
around the world! That's what we, as Cadre Missionaries, do. 
We equip equippers!
My young disciplemaking friend, Braden Nafziger, lead portions 
of the training experience. Here's why.

"Thanks again for the great disciplemaking training experience 
and for the great resources too!"
—Pastor Bill Jacobsen, Seatonville Community Church

We have a special place in our hearts for disciplemaking pastors.

Because of friends like you who pray for us and $upport us
we get to be your disciplemaking missionaries. From our 
hearts to yours, THANK YOU!

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