The Java Jeep...

Not long ago I was asked to speak at The Cabin, an outreach to high school students in Tremont, IL. Arriving early, I noticed over 100 students... and a jeep that stole my heart! Why did the jeep steal my heart? Just look at the back of the jeep in this picture above. And if you can't see what's behind the jeep in the picture above... look below at the next picture.Yep. That's one of those very expensive coffee machines... in the back of the jeep. Hence the name, The Java Jeep.What can I say? Igottahavajava... and my kids know it's true... and so do you. This blog is called Cup O' Joe with Bill for a reason friend.So instead of working as a Walmart greeter when I retire (my current plan--hey, I like people)--I've decided that once the kids are gone--Stacy and I can buy a Java Jeep and tour the world sharing the love of Jesus one caffeinated cup at a time.

Or better yet, how about a Java Harley? Hmmm.... who will get to sit on the back... the expensive coffee machine... or Stacy?


Anonymous said…

"To each one of us gifts have been given..." "each according to our addiciton...errrr.... I mean Faith."
Bill Allison said…
You know you want to join me on a Java Jeep Journey sometime!
Anonymous said…
Adam said…
Is it for sale?
Bill Allison said…
Not that I know of... but you can probably make a JAVA HARLEY!

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