Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Very Cool and Fun Week of Ministry...

Last Tuesday I worked with the some of the staff of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Central IL. My job was to help coach them so that they could clarify (with painful specificity) exactly what it means for them to WIN in their ministry to athletes and coaches. We had a BLAST... and our day flew by because they poured their hearts and minds into our time together.
Last Saturday I had the high honor of training over 40 people (ages 12 to... let's just say over 70) with Cadre Ministries' Ministry Is Relationships training--at First Baptist Church in Bradford, IL.
I love this picture BELOW because it says it all when it comes to the potential for intergenerational connection that can happen at a Ministry Is Relationship training workshop.

Longtime friend, Dave Pikel, from Come to Life Ministries, was a BIG part of the LEAP OF FAITH weekend in Bradford.
The picture BELOW tells me I've been in youth ministry a long time. A group from Streator, IL., showed up for the training in Bradford. The guy on the left, Russ Abbott, was in my youth ministry in Streator almost 20 years ago. Russ is a volunteer youth leader in that same church. That's totally excites me because that is multiplication... but it also concerns me because how old do you have to be to live to see your ministry come full circle???? YIKES! And I still feel so young...
On Sunday I spoke at Chillicothe Bible Church. Below is a picture of Lynn Ferguson's Sunday school class. They are going through Cadre's newest training book for volunteers in the church--Grow, Minister, & Lead--Book #2: The Next Level. Way to go God, Lynn, and CBC!
What a great ride God is giving us on this Cadre journey... thanks for taking it with us!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Taste of a Ministry Road Trip with the Allisons

For a 30 second taste of a packed out workshop on Four Reasons Children Misbehave and What You Can Do About It, GO HERE.

To see how the Allison kids get involved on our ministry journeys, GO HERE.

For a short inteview, GO HERE.

* Special thanks to www.kidology.org for the video clips!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

19 Years and Counting...

* Above: Bill and Stacy at a Starbucks in Philedelphia, PA. It took three kids before she started drinking coffee, but I don't think there's any turning back now!

Yep... this Monday, June 11, 2007, makes nineteen years of extremly satisfying and sometimes extremely challenging marriage for us. Let's face it: Stacy is the saint in this relationship. What can I say? By God's grace, I married far above my ability... and, besides trusting Jesus Christ as my Savior at 15-years-old, marrying Stacy has been the second best decision I have ever made. To celebrate with us, leave a brief comment on this blog.

UPDATE 6/11/07: Home Alone... Sort Of...
For our 19th anniversary TODAY, I gave my wife the ultimate anniversary gift: seven days in Florida away... from me and the kids! Okay, it wasn't ALL my idea--it was a scheme that was hatched by four other women/moms in our small group--and had nothing to do with our anniversary--except that the dates of the get-away trip fell on our anniversary. It was such a God-opportunity that even Stacy couldn't refuse the offer to get away to Florida. Also, the timing and price of the trip was amazingly great. Pray for Stacy--for emotional, spiritual, and physical recharging... and to have a great time of fun and R & R with the other four women from our small group. Pray for me as I FATHER (not babysit) the fun journey of this week with the kids--and do Cadre--and make sure the house doesn't become a complete dump.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Scariest 50 Hours of My Life... So Far

Yep... I just completed the 50 scariest hours of my life.

What 50 hours?

The 50 hours of "driving" time required by the state of Illinois all 16-year-old kids must complete BEFORE they get a license. I put "driving" in quotes--because after sitting in the passenger seat with my daughter during for these 50 hours--I can't honestly say it was NOT "driving" in the sense that most adults understand the word. "Driving" with a 16-year-old at the wheel has more in common with the captain of the Titantic--who "drove" the ship to the bottom of the ocean.

It's funny... but it's not... because she got her license yesterday. Of course, this make me question the sanity and judgment of those interesting people who work at the local DMV.

Now the scariest hours are a head of me... and you... if you live and drive in Illinois.

So if you see a little Toyota Camry with a scrape on the front left side and a bumper sticker that reads, "I 'drove' the Titantic," get out of the way as quickly as possible.