Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Employee's Denial—My New Favorite Band

Like father... like son. My son, Bill, started a power trio called Employee's Denial. Here are a few pics from their first gig at the world famous Crossword Cafe in Chillicothe,. IL earlier this month.

More than once I have accused my son of stealing some of his more elegant chops from yours truly. Some of you may remember my whirlwind adventure through rock and roll fame with my bands, Street Light... and it's heavy metal transformation into Violent Mercy. The latter's motto was, "If we can't tune up... turn up."

After these guys finished, the frenzied crowd DEMANDED an encore. The band complied... to the relief of the Chillicothe police department. (It would have been major pandemonium had the band existed without the encore.)
The band told me to tell you to watch out for their soon to be recorded and later to be released demo titled, "Clip on Tie."

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