Study Sabbatical Reflection #2

NOTE: Double click images to enlarge. To experience our study sabbatical with us virtually via slide show from beginning to end GO HERE.

Yep... while we had a layover in London... we found the Starbucks and had our last fix for a couple of weeks! When I say "Cup O' Joe with Bill" I mean it.

When we were finally settled in Israel after driving all day through the Sinai Desert from Egypt, it was 10:30 PM... but who could sleep? Someone asked, "Anyone want to walk to the Old City tonight?" and before they could finish the sentence I was lined up at the door with my walking shoes on.

The picture above is the very first time I saw the Old City walls. It took my breath away. This gate is known as The Damascus Gate.

NOTE: For Dave Garda's complete slide show of our journey from the US to England to Egypt to Israel and back, GO HERE.

Once you click the 'GO HERE" link all you have to do is click the word "Next" at the bottom right to advance the slides.


Anonymous said…
Great slides and comments from your trip.
Thanks for sharing.
Bill Allison said…
Thanks for stopping by and taking the virtual trip with us Schwammy...
Melissa said…
Thank for sharing your experience. You have some fantastic pictures. I love your comments.

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