The blur that was my life last week... in pictures...

It all started last Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) with a For the Win concert. They're a Ska band. Our son Bill plays guitar.

Gotta love the horn section! I do! For a video that captures the energy of a For the Win concert but not the sound quality, GO HERE.

Saturday night we had one of our Fire Pit Fridays... only it was on a Saturday. We had about 30 teenagers over... four of whom were ours.

On Sunday I spoke at CrossPoint Church in East Peoria, IL, home of two of my favorite Starbucks baristas! (Can you tell which one of them had coffee that morning?) I took this picture of them during my message... long story.

From Monday through Wednesday, I had a great three days of investing in one of my spiritual sons, Levi Carter (on the right) who is now on staff at Victory World Church. Above: Levi and Lizette.

While in Atlanta, I also invested time training and encouraging students who are in a year long discipleship ministry with the Metro Atlanta Masters Commission.

On Thursday—back in IL—our entire family was on the road by 5:15 AM to pick up grandmas and grandpa for a one day visit to Emily at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. We all crunched into this little dorm in the women's dorm... hence the sign.

While in Chicago, we took Emily and one of her friends out to eat at a long time Chicago dining establishment... where you actually pay the waiters to harass you.

Yeah, this was the blur that was my life last week. But I'm NOT complaining. I'm thrilled I have the energy to be a part of it all! Thank you God!

Okay... now what's coming this week?


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