What's your style of leadership?

Unfortunately many leaders focus their attention on the needs instead of the servers, and as a result, see servers as a means to an end. I call this approach “usery,” and it’s the opposite of equipping. “Usery” takes something from someone in order to accomplish something else. “Equipping” gives something to someone for the purpose of building that person up.... Jesus modeled this in his relationship with his disciples. While he did a great deal of serving of the masses (healing, feeding, teaching, etc.), He focused His time and energy on equipping His disciples. They didn’t see themselves as a means to Jesus’ end; they saw themselves as the end. They were the objects of Christ’s affection. Yes, Jesus had come to serve the whole world through the shedding of His blood, and taking that good news to the world would require a great expansion effort. Yet He focused His ministry on building into a few, knowing they would take what they’d been given and pass it on to others.

From the book, Experiencing Leadershift by Don Cousins—page 243


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