Look at what God is doing!

I asked you to pray for our ministry to 3,200 students at the Forest Lakes Districts Youth Conference in Green Bay, WI, last weekend... and—in direct response to your prayers—God was present, powerful, and life-changing! The following are direct quotes from students who were at the conference (originally left by the students on my Facebook page). As read what the students have written, I hope you'll celebrate God's doings and say a simple, "Thank you, God!" To God and God alone be the glory!

bill when i was at district it changed the way i think of life now and sat. i accepted jesus christ as my savior and that changed me.

Thank you so much for speaking at Districts! It was my first time going, and God changed my life on the second night. I'd been drifting away, and realized that my life needed to be re-centered on Jesus. :) I already told my parents about the reading through John, and they're eager to start on it altogether as a family!

I've been to Districts 5 years now, and this is by far one of the best ones I've been to. Last night I could feel God moving, and one of my friends commented that it was the FIRST districts that everyone in our youth group was totally SPLAYED out for God in worship. Your messages were some of the best presented for youth that I've ever experienced--totally relevant and real. I am so glad that I came this year. Thank you for being real for us! C323!

im so thankful because my friend asked jesus christ into his heart

In my 8 years of Districts, I've never seen students respond quite like that. I know my heart was moved and challenged by your testimony. Thanks for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you. 2 of the guys in my small group made the decision to trust Christ...I've been praying for them for years. Glory and praise to God!

A video clip from Districts: Teaching students to memorize God's Word... AND have fun at the same time!

last year i came to districts, and i was impacted. but this year it was amazing, my mom was sitting next to me and she was in tears. one of my sister's friends accepted Christ, and. Thank you for being the speaker.

Your testimony was so touching and it just hit something with me. I realized that I have come so far just since July and there is so much more ahead! I also realized for the first time that with Jesus Christ and my Savior I am NEVER alone. This weekend transformed me so much and i hope I can help to bring my mom and my sister to Christ! Thank you so much for helping me to live A Jesus centered C323 life! God Bless!!

i was not really involved in the church thing and even when i was there i was just going through the motions and really wasnt expecting to have one of those moments in life where it just changes your outlook. The first night i was sick to see everyone raising the hands when the band played but then the band started talking so i just let everything go. 2nd day i heard dango speak and the comedian along with your speech, and at the end of the rally i was completely in tears from your story and also the fact that my whole youth group was cheering me on for accepting christ into my life. Thank you

I challenged students to read one chapter of the book of John each day for 21 days... to begin to develop the essential habit of reading God's Word each day. One student started a 21 Day Challenge Facebook Bible study group so that students from all over WI could do the study together.

God really spoke through you to me. I know Jesus Christ but I haven't been living a centered life. God through you got me back on center and I have resolved to live a C323 life. God bless you man!!!

thank you so much for comin to disticts to talk to us...you were a lot of fun to listen too!! one of my friends acepted jesus as her savior!! :) thank you for giving her the oppertunity to do that!!

Bill, you have helped me renew myself, wipe my slate clean, and start again. Thank you.

You helped me accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I can't express how thankful I am.
And what would a conference be without the Allison family leading 3,200 students in "The Frog Song"?

And here's a FREE bonus video (for reading all the way to this point) where I share my favorite poem titled: I'm Not a Morning Person.

Finally, here's the testimony video from the weekend...


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