What God Did at Timber-Lee's Winter Extreme!

What do you call about 400 ENERGETIC junior high students, all their adult youth leaders, an outstanding facility/camp staff, the best camp food ever, a great worship band, and an encounter with God Himself? That would be Timber-Lee's Winter Exreme Weekend! Here's a short video from our time at Timber-Lee last weekend to give you a feel of a Winter Extreme Weekend:

Timber-lee's winterXtreme January 22nd-24th 2010

Stacy, Libby, and Sadey had a blast going down the tubing hill. Walking back up with the tubes? Not so much fun.

We even let Josey and Aubrey come with us... without charging them anything. They sort-of behaved. Hey, they're 15 and 13. What can one expect? : )

Our worship band was Sevenglory and they were amazing people and musicians!

I had the honor of bringing God's Word four times over the weekend. Our theme was "Fearless!" On Saturday night about 75 students indicated they trusted Jesus Christ as Savior... each one lead to Christ by one of the adult youth workers who brought them to the camp. One student hugged me with tears in his eyes and said, "I received Jesus Christ as my Savior tonight!" Right behind him was the volunteer youth leader—who also gave me a hug and—with tears in his eyes—said, "This is the first time I've ever helped lead someone to Christ!" He was just as fired up as the student! They are going through the book of John together one chapter a day for the next 21 days.

It's all God's doing. Make no mistake about that. But it sure is a blast partnering together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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