Districts Part 2

[Note: 3,200 students and youth leaders gathered in Green Bay WI—and here's some of what God did! To God and God alone be all the glory! To read Districts Part 1 GO HERE .]

I'm still processing all the notes I've gotten from students and youth leaders from the Districts Youth Conference in Green Bay, WI, in January. Passing along a few more for you to see what God did. Here are the testimonies... raw... and in their own words. As you read these, you may laugh, smile, and/or cry. My main hope is that reading these will cause your heart to celebrate God.

Well Where Can I Start...I Guess I Will Start By Thanking You...God Used You Bring Me Closer To God...You Help Me Realize That He Is My Savior And I Accepted Him As That For The First Time Saturday Night At Your Teaching... To Be Honest With You I WAs In A Bad Spot Before Listeing To You...I Was Trying Drugs...Tell You The Truth I Didnt Know Where My Life WAs Going...Thoughs Of Death Just Filled My Head. But Listening To You Speak Cleared Out All That...Districts To Me Saved My Life. Thank You Mr. Allison For All That You Did For Me. For Showing Me God's Purpose In Life Thank You.

Hey Bill!
On Saturday night I accepted Christ as my savior and am spreading word to ALL of my friends. Some are very supportive, others question it and have their own beliefs, but I'm very determined to work with them. Also, two of my really close friends accepted Christ along with me at Districts, and we all worshiped and cried in happiness. The presence of God was radiating with life during our worship. A few of my friends said they were doubting their faith in 2009-10 and they said just seeing all three of us accept Christ really showed them the true power and love of God. I feel blessed to know that I had taken part in helping friends with their faith, and I plan on being the best Christian I can, to spread His word, and let Jesus drive my life. You are such an inspiration in everyones lives that you speak to.

Hi Bill,
I was at the confrance you spoke at in Green Bay. I am so glad you came and spoke to us! In a way I am glad that what you went through happened, because if it didn't you might not have been a youth pastor or you might have not come to districts to open all these new doors for me. I am not one of the people who had a hard up bringing and I haven't had any problems with my parents. But I have had problems with God, for some reason I would always fall away, for example, I would go to camp and get fired up for God and then I would have a camp high for a few weeks and then it would wear off. I think God used you to put things in a different perspective. For example, you challenged me to tell my parents that I am a new person and will be reminding myself to keep Jesus at the center of my life and that I am becoming a whole new person. Tonight I spent a half hour reading John chapter 1 with my dad and asking him questions. I never have even thought of having my dad help me stay focused of God, but it is a great idea! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you and your whole family!

Hey Mr, Allison,
I was at districts this weekend and loved it! I've been a few times and I just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing you were to me and a 3,000+ of us there this weekend! God really did some amazing things this weekend!! I also wanted to say thank you for the challenge, I read John 1 on the way home and was so touched by God through it! I was so excited when you were sharing about your family, and talked about your daughter going to moody. I'm a Sr. this year and am waiting for a letter from them this week. If thats where the Lord wants me I'm planing on studing Urban Ministrys, then getting a Masters in education. I would love to work with youth in the inner city or over seas. Ok sorry that was a lot:) I just wanted to thank you and praise God for what He is doing in and through you! He is truly amazing:)
Thank you,
P.S. C323..we practiced on the way home:)

hey bill,
im from districs im reading john i had so much fun at districs it was amazing on saturday night i became a christian it was life changing it was my first year.

Thanks for sharing your love for students this weekend. I'm a ministry assistant in student ministries.....we met when you spoke there, but I don't expect that you remember me. :-) I'm also a small group leader with our youth group and my girls are seniors this year. I have 12 girls and 10 of them are believers. One of them is still searching through what she's taught on Sunday mornings in at a different church and what our church is teaching her on Wednesday nights. She's searching....that's enough for me, right now anyway, we'll keep working! The other one, Lisa, has spent the last 2 weeks asking some interesting questions. Questions that told me that God was really working on her heart and that she was ripe for Districts. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for presenting her with Christ's love. Thank you for everything. Lisa accepted Christ Saturday night and couldn't wait to go home and tell her parents that they could do the same thing. She can wait to head to college in the fall and join Crusade. She can't wait to go to school today and be centered. Thank you.

Mr. Allison,
My junior year I went to my friends going away party. 3 months later my 17th birthday i found out i was pregnant. That night i had been raped. I went home crying and not knowing what to do i was at my moms house that day and decided I needed to tell someone. That night my life began to change. I got a phone call from my youngest brothers girlfriend asking me to go to the church youth group and i agreed. I met this wonderful youth leader. She had talked to me and i told her, i dont know why i had never met her before. from there on out we talked and hung out and still do now only with an additional person my 18 month old daughter. I never thought This would be where i would end up. When i told my mom i was pregnant she resented me and kicked me out so i moved in fully with my dad and stepmom. i was so confused and vowed i didnt want that for my baby. Now I am a teen mom, 18 years old, but most importantly I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

hey bill!
im one of the many kids in the who was in the crowd at districts lol. I loved all the messages you gave, and they all really hit home with me. Thanks so much speaking, it was one of the best weekends of my life! Have fun with your family, and make up some new songs lol, the one about the frog was hilarious! God bless!

Thanks so much for coming to districts! I know alot of people were blessed by what you talked about. And thanks for talking to me and for listening about my parents divorce it was nice to have somone I can be real with :)

Thank you so much yielding to the Lord and allowing Him to speak through you at Districts. Last May the Lord called my husband home to be with Him. Even though I recognized God's amazing love and peace though the event I hadn't noticed that the additional "cares of this life" and responsibilities that I have had take on had gradually put me off-center. What you shared was mightily used by the Lord to help me to see this and get me centered again. Thank you for being so sensitive to what God wanted all of us to hear. On another note: When you were sharing about the students needing partners. I couldn't help but notice that the word parents is in the word partners just rearranged. When I shared that with Lauren, one of the students, she said "there is an r left over". Then she said "Oh, it could be "r parents" which definitely fits with this "texting" generation. You may have already notice this but I thought was worth sharing. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry as you make yourself available to Him.

Good evening, Bill.
EXCELLENT job this weekend @ DISTRICTS 2010. Thank you for being a willing tool for our Lord with out kids.

Hey Bill-
Thanks so much for bringing the Word to Districts this past weekend. My kids were challenged and several came to Christ or recommitted their lives to Him. My team and I prayed for you during the weekend. Thank you also for taking some time to talk to one of our students on Sunday. It meant a lot to her and I also appreciate it. You truly care about teens and model what you teach in your trainings. Keep up the great Kingdom work and I look forward to seeing you again soon!
In Christ,
Steve Clements
Highland Community Church

As a family we are taking on your 21 Day Challenge (mentioned this to you briefly in the Oasis on Sunday - I was one of the "green shirt" plainclothes guys). Our 10 yr old daughter (only one not to attend DISTRICTS) and 13 yr old son love the idea. Despite the fact we have prayed over our evening meals for years, the idea of reading a chapter a day from the Bible after supper as a family is "weirding out" my 15 yr old (!?). Since we love books on tape while driving long distances in the van, we decided to try listening to each chapter from BIBLEGATEWAY.com while following along in our individual bibles (each member each night gets to pick what translation is played - have 4 different ones!). This appears to be lessening the "weird" factor. We hope to eventually move to reading out loud.

Professionally, I am a 25+ yr law enforcement officer with hobbies including drama and humor. Do you have any clue what it is like patrolling for bad guys, protecting the innocent, and striking fear into the heart of evil wherever it may lay for 8 hours with "split splat went the little green frog one day" running through your head????? WA!

We couldn't be a part of something like this without friends like you who pray and support our ministry with Cadre! We're thanking God for YOU! To God be the ALL the glory!

To read Districts Part 1 GO HERE.


Bill was my youth pastor when I was in high school 20ish years ago...I am so grateful to have attended districts and hearing Bill's story again...its amazing that when God does amazing things in your life, the story never gets old! Thanks bill for taking the responsibility and DOING BUSINESS WITH GOD...and remaining faithful in that call (even when your whole family is upstairs throwing up!) He can do immeasurably more than was ask or think!!! Stay strong! Love, the DeWitts from Cheeseland!!!!

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