Rebound Report: Youth Pastors & Wives Retreat

On November 13-16, Stacy and I had the high honor of encouraging youth pastors and their wives at an event called Rebound, put on by the Evangelical Free Church of America.  That's right. We answered the call to suffer for Jesus with a bunch of fun people who love God and students in the sunny 80 degree weather of Melbourne, FL.  Hey, someone's gotta do it.  (Click on any image below to enlarge for viewing or reading.)
Below explains what Rebound is and how it was set up this year.
Besides just being with Stacy throughout the whole conference (just us—no kids), my personal highlight was when Stacy participated in a roundtable Q & A.  God was powerful in and through her and I saw the amazing connection she had with the younger wives in the room.  She still has no desire speak publicly, but she's wonderful with Q and A about life in ministry from woman's perspective.
They tell me we had over 70 couples from EFCA churches from all over the USA.  I can tell you these people were FUN... and often more than a little whacked.... which made them more FUN.  Plus, we've known, loved, and worked with many of them for years. Rebound was an excuse to get more time with them!  (Did I mention the 80 degree weather?)
If you've ever doubted the power of the Gospel, consider this: Only Jesus can bring together Bear's fans and Viking's fans... on the very day they play each other.  And if you've ever doubted there was a God, consider this: Da Bears won :  )
And here's just one of the very encouraging emails we're getting...

Thanks so much for being a major part of an amazing weekend. This is the 5th Rebound my wife and I have been to and it has been the best. We have been refreshed but also challenged to think in ways we haven't been before. You have made D3 Jesus-like disciplemaking very clear and challenging. We are trying to wrestle through how life needs to look differently because of God's Word & your challenges. Thanks!

This would be a very appropriate place for you to pause and join me in whispering this prayer, "Thanks be to God."


Anonymous said…
I love this ministry thing you do...

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