What should a good Disciplemaking Learning Community do?

A young man I discipled since he was a teenager was asked in his college years to spend a summer leading the youth ministry at his church. At the end of that summer, I asked him, “So what did God do in your life this summer?”

He said, “He made it clear to me that I’m not cut out for youth ministry.”

I said, “Fair enough. When did you realize it?”

He said, “Well, I loved being with students, but the church seemed to feel like I wasn’t doing my job if I wasn’t in the office 40 hours a week. I thought youth ministry would be ministry to youth—getting time building relationships with students... not primarily office work.”

That is a sad and true story. The church invited him to be the youth pastor for the summer, but they didn’t really understand what a good youth pastor should do.

That raises the question: What should a good Disciplemaking Learning Community (DLC) do?

I hope you know by now that the answer to that question is found in the disciplemaking genius of Jesus.

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