A Breaking Ironic News Update...

* Go on a Diet and Gain Weight (4/11/18)

Was Mike Pence Right(11/29/17) 

Not drinking coffee = slow suicide (7/16/17)

Father's Day 2017: Christian Fathering AND Missing the Point (6/2/17)

* Who knew grandma was a fertile Mertle? (3/16/17)

Man seeks retraining order against God (5/19/16)

112 year-old woman smokes 30 cigs a day (1/29/16)

Study finds there are too many studies (3/13/15)

* Coexist artist brutally beaten (2/11/15)

* Wedding Irony (2/2/15)

* Large cockroach interrupts city council meeting while Pest Control Boss is talking (10/25/14)

* Exercise: The gateway to bad health (8/14/14)

* Science Flip-Flop: You CAN eat butter again! (7/15/14)

Woman arrested for stealing Bible (6/3/14)

* "Stubborn Men" is redundant (5/14/14)

* Vegetarians less healthy, lower quality of life (4/2/14)

* Man hits girlfriend with anger management book (3/26/14)

* The Noah Movie (3/21/14)

* Caffeine is good for you! (1/23/14)

* God punishes WisconSIN the day after the Packers beat Da Bears (12/30/13)

* Scientists discover that men and women are different —who knew, right? (12/3/13)

* Thanksgiving and Black Friday: From "Thank you God" to "Give me that big, flat screen TV or I'm gonna punch you in the face" (11/29/13)

* How to win an election (11/8/13)

* Oreos are more addictive than cocaine (10/16/13)

* Gene Simmons of Kiss defends Tim Tebow and Christianity. (9/13/13)

* Holy Toledo! Man tries robbing gas station with a Bible (9/1/13)

* Coffee drinkers less likely to commit suicide (7/27/13)

Cost of beans going down, Starbucks price is going up (6/21/13)

* Coffee addiction is now a Mental Disorder (6/7/13)

* Woman beats another woman with the Bible (5/15/13)

* We're more connected and less kind than ever (4/10/13)

* Hollywood Wisdom is an oxymoron (3/25/13)

* Pessimistic people live longer. (2/27/13)

* Global warming protest march on the coldest day of the year. (2/15/13)

* Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Dies of a Heart Attack (2/12/13)

Overweight people live longer! (1/2/13)

Organic food not much different. (9/4/12)

Men who eat chocolate have lower risk of strokes! (8/30/12)

Train for a marathon and cut your life short. (6/4/12)

Drink more coffee and live longer. (5/16/12)

Why I'm gonna live forever. (30 AD)

"I have always hated anybody who is not tolerant...." (2/28/10)

Oh the irony.


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