The goal isn't church growth

The goal isn't church growth.

The goal is multiplying disciplemakers... like Jesus did.

The irony is this: If we take the time to multiply disciplemakers like Jesus did (see Mathew, Mark, Luke and John), we won't have to worry about growing the church (see the book of Acts).

But multiplying disciplemakers like Jesus is so time consuming. There must be a better, faster, more efficient way to grow the church, right?

Stop and think about that for a moment.

Now I dare you to be brutally honest and answer this question:
When it comes to multiplying disciplemakers like Jesus, how's our better, faster, more efficient approach working?

If we take the time it takes, it takes less time.

Instead of only counting attendance at church, try counting disciplemakers.

I dare you.

Would you like some help getting this conversation started with your church leaders, elders, and/or staff?

Here you go.

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