Friday, October 26, 2012

Disciplemaking Is Relationships Training Experience

"I tried to think of any and every excuse not to come to the training, but I am so glad I did. Best training I ever had." 
—ministry volunteer

Disciplemaking Is Relationships is a training experience that helps you and those in your life and ministry explore the disciplemaking genius of Jesus... together.
If you're interested in pursuing a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life, this training is for you—whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a student, a volunteer, or a paid ministry leader.

In the Disciplemaking Is Relationships training experience you'll explore:
The DIR training manual is full of disciplemaking goodies that are great for small group study and application (including the small group knows as "your family").

The Disciplemaker's Living Guide is 25 small group studies to help you wrestle the disciplemaking genius of Jesus together.

For more information about bringing this training to your ministry, contact Cadre Ministries.

For a FREE audio on D3 Disciplemaking, go here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why it's so important to ask the right questions...

Just processing and thinking out loud here... 

Leaders ask: "What's working?"
  • Hence an obsession with currently trending models/systems of ministry—and those who make them happen.
Disciplemakers ask: "How can we imitate Jesus' disciplemaking way of life together?"
  • Hence an obsession with the person of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospels—and a deep friendship with those who share this obsession.
Here's the Point:

The questions we ask take our lives in a direction... to somewhere and someone.

Where and to whom are your questions taking you?

Disciplemaking is a person driven life, not just a purpose driven lifeAnd that person is Jesus Christ.

If we get the person right, the purpose will be clear.

If we don't get the person right, then ________________________.
                                                           (you finish the sentence).

More on this here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WHY Havering and Disciplemaking Learning Communities?

When I went back to college later in life, I was told that I had a “math deficiency.” I ended up having to buy an introductory mathematics book and re-teaching myself some basics.

Everyday I worked through a portion of that pitifully boring math book—alone.

However, once a week I met with a tutor who monitored my progress (or lack thereof) and tried to answer my many questions. (“Why would anyone plant a garden in the form of a triangle and then use the Pythagorean Theorem to measure the hypotenuse?”)

One day I asked my tutor, “Help me understand integers”—and I pronounced it exactly like it’s spelled: “in-TE-gers.” My tutor smiled and said, “You mean, integers”—and she pronounced it “IN-ti-jers.” Sensing my embarrassment, she said, “It’s okay. You couldn’t have known this simply by working through the book by yourself.”

Right then and there I realized this: Solo book learning is a good start, but a fuller, deeper learning happens in community.

In my math community (with a tutor and few other struggling students), I learned to correctly pronounce mathematical terms I’ll probably never need—such as “integer.” (My math is up to speed these days, but you may have noticed that I still have a significant math deficiency in my attitude.)

In Jesus’ day, this fuller, deeper, communal learning was known as havering. And as it turns out, haver learning is a critically important part of the disciplemaking genius of Jesus. Why? Because you will never fully come to know and experience Jesus or disciplemaking by simply working through the Book by yourself.

The above post has now become the introduction to the Disciplemaker's Living Guide. Check it out here.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Funday: No matter how big & bad you are

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finding, developing, and deploying volunteers

The updated, revised, and expanded edition of Recruiting, Motivating, and Retaining Volunteers is a handbook for anyone who works with volunteers in a ministry setting.

It's available as a digital download and as a printed book. (The iBook experience has videos and digital extras that we hope will delight you.)

* This book will show you how to get more people off the bench and into the game. 

* You'll explore what makes volunteers tick and why that matters. 

* You'll discover why good volunteers quit and how to keep it from happening.

* Personal and team assessment tools you can print, share, and discuss.

* Plus a bonus thought-provoking conclusion on why all volunteers must be "paid" and how you can "pay" them well.

In short, this is a handbook for finding, developing, and deploying volunteers for ministry (a.k.a. disciplemaking).

We hope you'll tell all your friends!

If the video doesn't appear, go here.

Get your complete copy now...
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun pictures that tell fun stories...

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Funday: Dads Against Daughters Dating

I survived another Homecoming dance... barely. When I suggested that I go to dinner with my 16-year-old daughter and her date, they said, "No thank you." The school wouldn't let me into the dance either.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A night of Ska, Spoken word, and the Word

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Night of Ska, Spoken Word Poetry, & The Word
Left: Guitarist for Must Build Jacuzzi. Center: The Old Man. Right: The Spoken Word Poet.

Saturday, October 13th

7:30 PM

The Cabin in Tremont, IL.

*A Ska band: Must Build Jacuzzi (Check out their music here.)
*A Spoken Word Poet: Emily Joy (Check out video here.)
*The Word: The Old Man

It's FREE baby!

Come and Skank the night away with us.

Please share this with your friends... everyone is invited!

Next Friday & Saturday, October 19-20, 2012

The Challenge of Finishing Well

Men's retreat that starts Friday night and end Saturday 1 pm. Complete details here.