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Equip Ministries Christian Worker's Conference
Friday and Saturday, February 21-22, 2014
Peoria Christian School in Peoria, IL.

Bill Allison will be doing these four training lab experiences on both Friday and Saturday... 

What Makes Volunteers Tick?
Bill Allison,
The effectiveness of your ministry—to a large degree—is dependent upon the motivation level of the volunteers.  But what makes a volunteer tick? That's exactly what we'll explore in this session. Bring your Bible, a pen and your sense of humor.

Teaching with the End in Mind
Bill Allison,
We're busy teaching, no doubt about it.  But what is our teaching producing?  What is it—exactly—that you want those you teach to know and be able to do?  That's exactly the question we'll explore in this session.  Don't miss this workshop because we'll begin to wrestle down some exit goals for each age group in the church! Bring your Bible, a pen and your sense of humor.

Church Would Be Great If It Weren't for People
Bill Allison,
Someone just came to mind when you read the title of this workshop... right?  Loving God is a delight.  Loving people, especially people in the church, can be a little more of a challenge.  Yet, God has given us over 40 "one another" verses that instruct us how we should interact with each other.  In this training workshop, we'll explore how to APPLY those one another verses.  Isn't it time to put the OTHER in the one anOTHERs? Bring your Bible, a pen and your sense of humor.

Marriage As Disciplemaking
Bill Allison,
You've tried the marriage you've always wanted. Now try the marriage God has always wanted you to have. The Bible paints a brilliant and compelling picture of the marriage God has always wanted you to have. That's exactly what well explore in this session. Bring your Bible, a pen and your sense of humor.

Dave and Rennie Garda will be doing these four training lab experiences on both Friday and Saturday...

Kavanah: A Missing Disciplemaking Concept
Dave and Rennie Garda,
Included in this workshop will be a first-century rabbi's disciplemaking glossary and the practical insights needed for God dependent ministry. We'll use youth ministry as an example, but the principles shared will be valued by those who work with families (even our own), children, youth, men and women. We'll explore the first-century teaching and training style of disciplemaking teachers and explore ways to bring these values into our ministries and families.

Why Youth Ministries Fail... and Is Yours Next?
Dave and Rennie Garda,
Encouragement on how to thrive and not just survive the adventure of being a youth worker in 2013. For all volunteer and paid youth leaders.

Pop Goes the Christian! What Makes You Spiritually POP?
Dave and Rennie Garda,
What is the simplest effective environment for "popping" disciples? Why do some disciples find their way into ministry roles while other believers seem satisfied to pew sit? What are your missing ingredients in your disciplemaking journey? This workshop will be shared in what Cadre Ministries calls a Disciplemaking Learning Community context. We trust that you'll learn as much from how this workshop is shared as you will from the teaching lessons we'll engage.

For Those Who Are CRAZY About Middle School Ministry
Dave and Rennie Garda,
We'd like to experience a community time of sharing the adventures and insights of the unique challenges of Middle School Ministry (Grades 5-6 and 7-8). We'll share key insights and some free tools to help you, but we want to hear your heart and questions for middle school ministry as well. So call this a 50/50 workshop... 50% planned equipping and encouragement and 50% hearing and learning from one another. Let's come together to learn more about how to engage with the BATTERIES INCLUDED GENERATION.

For complete details and registration information, go here.

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