On men who badmouth their wives...

Every now and then I read an article and I think, "I wish every man would read this."

The article I'm about to share with you qualifies.

But before I share the article, I must warn you. 
1. Some of you won't be able to get over the first line in the article because of a certain crude word that is used. If this is you, please abandon this post right now. You will miss the point of the article.

2. This article was written for a news organization for real guys... not for some sort of nicey nicey men's ministry magazine.

3. The problem the author points out is pandemic—and sadly Christian men are just as guilty as other men.

4. I have an agenda. The final challenge given by the author is exactly what I hope every happily married man will start doing.

If, after all that, you still insist on reading this article, that's fine. 

But you have been warned.

One last thought: The article is way better than the video, so please read the article first.

Here's the article.

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Karl said…
Awesome article! Don't remember how I found your blog, but I love your posts and the challenges it offers me. I'm single, so I figure this is the easier time to learn the lessons God needs to teach me and develop better habits before He brings my future wife along.
Amanda said…
This was a great article. As a twenty-something Christian woman, I could only hope the man I marry some day has the same views as this guy. I would be devastated to learn that my husband felt that way about me.

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