Monday Funday: In the aftermath of my 50th birthday...

My friends and family made turning 50 fun and easy. The AARP? Not so much.

I got a lot of great cards and notes—very encouraging and very fun. Here are a few I found particularly interesting, true, and, thus, made me smile.

My 14-year-old daughter, Libby, gave me this gem...

BELOW: This one made my think of my inner rocker who refuses to quit rocking even though it hurts like crazy in the morning...
When I stop rocking... then you will know I am really dead. Until then, please keep my guitar in my hands.

BELOW: This one makes me smile because I often jest with my kids and the kids in our neighborhood about growing old, wearing plaid shorts, black socks with sandals and yelling, "Get off my lawn!"
From the card: "It's a documented fact: As your age goes higher... so do your pants."

BELOW: I like this one below because the family that gave it to me took the time to use a marker to give the old guy some nice chops and cool beard... just like the one I had on my 50th birthday.
From the card: "Another birthday and still going strong. And more often."

BELOW: Along with the fun cards, I also received a few age-appropriate gifts from some friends...
Nothing gave me greater joy on my 50th birthday than my friends and family having fun at my expense. Let's all do it again at my 60th birthday!

Speaking of my 60th birthday... perhaps I'll finally break down and get a tattoo... like all the cool kids are getting these days...
(All you old people relax. I'm just having fun. This is a doctored picture... I think.)

Thank you Jesus for my family and friends. And for cool Wolverine chops, motorcycles, and Gibson Les Paul guitars. And my smokin' hot wife (that was to make my kids cringe... sort of... but it's a true statement).

And speaking of my kids, a couple of weeks after my 50th birthday, I went to Chuck E. Cheese (for the billionth time) to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my seventh child, Ivy.
Rollin' with Ivy, Barney, and Chuck E. Cheese at 50. It's not normal, but it's a blast! Can't wait to see what 60 brings!

If you've read all the way to here... you are a true friend. Thank you.


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