What an Education Can't Do for You

He was an extremely book smart man... an earned doctorate in his chosen field.

Of course, this often served as the golden key that opened the doors of opportunity for him.

Strangely, he could rarely stay longer than two years at any given job—with the most recent six figure job being a ten month run.

After each job he said, "They're idiots."

It's seems that in the real world, a formal education may be able to open the door to opportunities, but once you walk through the door you still have to deliver performance, substance, and, especially, an ability to work well with people.

Carnegie Foundation studies have found that only 15% of one's success is due to technical skill while the remaining 85% is due to interpersonal relationship skills.

Here's something you probably won't learn in college: 


In the real world of people, relational intelligence (RI) often trumps book smarts (IQ).

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the things that really make people effective in life are the very things you can't really teach them because they're not even aware they have a need to learn—or they're unwilling to learn?

Having a great formal education is not equivalent to being a great leader—nor is it a legitimate substitute for being a great person.

It's quite possible to be an educated moron.

This might be a good time to check out God's handbook on relationships.


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