Spreading a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life everywhere we go...

When I read the Bible, I get crazy ideas. Click picture below to enlarge for viewing...
Everyday our passion is to love God, love people, and make disciplemakers. 

And to help others love God, love people, and make disciplemakers. 

And to help those people help other people love God, love people, and make disciplemakers.

Three generations of disciplemakers! We think of it as D3 disciplemaking.

True confession: We're totally ripping off this way of life from Jesus.

And I think Jesus likes it. 

In fact, I think this is the life God has always wanted his followers to have.


Think about it. 

Jesus equipped a cadre of friends to live the love-God-love-people-make-disciplemakers way of life. Now, over 2,000 years later, Jesus continues to impact and change the world today through those follow Him by imitating his way of life.

I'm putting all my chips on this love-God-love-people-make-disciplemakers way of life as the best way to maximize my short life for God's glory.

And I contend this is how YOU can make the most out of your short life too.

While I still have LOTS to learn on this disciplemaking adventure (just ask my wife and kids), below are some pictures and stories as to what some of this Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life looks like in our family, community, and ministry these days. 

Click any image below to enlarge for viewing and reading—or click here for the two page PDFTHANK YOU for reading… and praying… and giving! We couldn't do Cadre without friends and partners like YOU!
Here's a fact: We couldn't take any of part of this Jesus-like disciplemaking adventure without people like you who love us, pray for us, and give to Cadre. We need you. You make our ministry powerful and possible. Every expression of partnership breathes life into our souls… so we can do the same for others! For more information about how you can partner with God, the Allisons, and Cadre Ministries, go here. To make a secure online tax-deductible donation, go hereCadre Ministries is a recognized 501(c)3 ministry.


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