Monday, July 15, 2013

Ska isn't dead... yet

Breaking Must Build Jacuzzi News
Brand New Song Here: Swing Set Summer 

This post is about my son, Bill Allison III, (25) who plays bass and sings in my favorite Ska band called Must Build Jacuzzi. Instead of trying to explain what Ska music is, I'll let you enjoy the video below I took of them at an impromptu performance at the very first Audiofeed Festival. It pretty much captures WHO they are and WHAT they do. It's a lot of energy and fun.

But before I show you the video, I should probably explain the title of the song: "Hey You, Skank!" It's witty play on words. It's not, "Hey You Skank"—as in calling someone a derogatory name. It's "Hey You, Skank"—as in Hey You do this cool form of dancing called Skanking (which is a Ska music phenomenon). That little comma in "Hey You, Skank!" makes all the difference my friends. You'll see lots of skanking in the video. Enjoy. My son is the bass player in this particular line up.

(If video doesn't show, go here.)

Crazy fun, ain't it? (I taught him all those moves on the guitar. You might see at least four other Allisons in the video if you look carefully.)

If you'd like to listen to their latest EP, all you have to do is go here.

Skank on, friend.

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