FREE Disciplemaking Audio: 23 minutes from my soul to yours...

"Thanks for sharing this audio with me. Classic Bill. Classic Cadre. Classic disciplemaking. LOVE IT! So grateful for Cadre." 
—Shane Stacey, National Director of Students Ministries, Evangelical Free Church of America
If you dare to listen to the audio below, you'll explore questions like...
* What does a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life look like today?
* Why the disciplemaking genius of Jesus is so important today?
* Why do we act like what God gave us is not enough?
* Why do we ignore the simple and clear and gravitate toward the new and cool?
* How can our love for books impede disciplemaking?
* Why are disciplemaking friendships so critically important?

Here's a recent 23 minute radio interview I had the honor of doing.

It's FREE.

It's on Jesus and disciplemaking.

It's for YOU to share with others.

I hope God uses these 23 minutes to increase your passion for Jesus and disciplemaking as a way of life.

I hope you'll share it and discuss it with others.

You can listen to it right here....

Or you can download the MP3 for your iPod/iPad here.

Special thanks to Mark Burns and Jason Schifo of Great News Radio.

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