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"I had such an incredible response to your book, Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister and Lead from the students in my Moody leadership course. Some students in Australia needed to take a two hour independent study on Christian Education. They loved the Disciplemaker's Guide! They said the book addressed the issues they were wrestling with in their church. Thanks for your partnership in ministry for all of these years! Thanks for all that you’ve poured into our lives! Thanks for letting me share Cadre resources with people around the world so that the Body of Christ can be better equipped to love and serve Jesus and the world around us! —Dr. Andrew Beaty, Moody Bible Institute's Distance Learning Program

"Going back to college at the young age of 58 has been quite the experience. I keep getting these funny grades I am not familiar with: "A's." I cannot say I was aware those existed in in my previous college career in the 1980's. This time around has been a blessing, and one particular blessing was taking a class in Biblical Leadership where I've actually met, prayed for, heard the author preach, of one of the class books: The Disciplemaker's Guide by Bill Allison. As I read the pages, Bill's voice, conviction, humor, and challenge kept coming through clearly with the words of the text. I met Bill years ago at the Zion EUMC Tabernacle meetings. Bill, thanks for your sharing of knowledge and wisdom brother! Thanks for signing and personally delivering the book too! If your ever down in Peoria and need company for lunch, let me know, my treat! We'll take my car though, it's easier to get through a drive-through if were together! Just kidding. BTW, class grade 99.1, A!" –Pastor Jim Reynolds

Lunch with Dr. Andrew Beaty, aka, Moses. who leads Moody Bible Institute's Distance Learning. #BeardedANDBiblical #DisciplemakingFriends

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