Prayer: The original—and still the best—wireless connection

You pray. God Answers. Imagine that.

Check out this true story...

Hi Bill,

You just spoke at our church and did training—and I wanted to share a story with you that I can only believe has everything to do with the message spoken through you that Sunday day.

I work in an office environment where my coworkers all know I'm a Christian, yet very few life-changing or faith-related conversations have come up ... Sad to say, it's easier to stick to the work and hope your faith shows by your actions and attitude rather than coming out and saying what you know people need to hear.

Anyway, last night and this morning I prayed The Disciplemaker's Prayer and asked God to show me people and situations that were ripe for inserting His word. So as "luck" would have it, I accidentally put my lunch in my desk drawer when I got in this morning, instead of the refrigerator. So when I went to the lunch room, I joked with my coworkers that I was going to eat it anyway because even if it was rancid and I keeled over and died, I knew I was going to heaven anyway. One lady (Cindy) replied, "Well, you'll be in a better place." And another lady (Janelle) asked, "How do you KNOW?" I wasn't sure if she was asking me or Cindy, but Cindy quickly replied, "Because anywhere is better than here."

I'm telling you, I felt the nudge from God... I really think the other lady was implying one can't possibly KNOW if you are going to heaven. But I let the opportunity slip away and for the next few minutes I mentally kicked myself for not responding to the opportunity I had prayed for. I was barely even present in the conversation the next few minutes as my coworkers chatted away, and I just prayed, knowing that I had to redeem this. So at the next lull in the conversation, I said, "Janelle, you know before how you asked how you can know if you're going to heaven? And Cindy, you know how you said anywhere is better than here? I just have to tell you guys, you really CAN know... Do you want to know what the Bible has to say about that?"

And shocker of all shockers, they said, "Sure" (with genuine interest—no eye-rolling I swear)! Now I'm telling you, I'm not exactly beaming about how I fumbled through my explanation, but they listened and Cindy even told me I should start a lunch-time Bible study at our work. 

So even though I botched up the timing, it was definitely Spirit-led prayer that helped me recognize the opporunity in front of me and definitely the encouragement from the weekend training that helped me realize the importance of stepping into the opportunity. Who knows where that conversation will lead if anywhere in the future, but you just never know when a seed has been planted.

Thanks again for your dedication to the ministry and equipping believers to share God's love!



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