Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rethinking Radical—Part 2

Redefining Radical—How the Popular Call to Change the World for Christ Can Do More Harm than Good... by Skye Jethani

(If video doesn't appear, go here.)

I put this on Cup O' Joe with Bill because I think it's worthy of wrestling together.

For Rethinking Radical—Part 1, go here.

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Ryan Moxley said...

Thanks for the challenge Bill.
What are your thoughts on his perspective?
I agree with him fully but I lean more toward's Platt's view on the Gospel and Great Commission.

Bill Allison said...

I can be so missional that the mission because god... and that leads to a whole host of maladies that are playing out today. Just read Colossians 2 today. So rich. Our supreme passion can't be the Gospel message or disciplemaking as a method... the person of Jesus himself (Colossians 2). At the center of our lives is a person... not a purpose. Ironically, if we get the person right (Jesus), purpose, mission, method. message fall into place... eventually. What do you think? Perhaps now you can see what I think the video is rich for learning. If you have checkout Rethinking Radical—Part 1, there's link on this post to it. Gordon MacDonald's article on missionalism is very engaging and cogent.