When Christianity Drifts Away from Christ

As a scholar and a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, Thomas Linacre was well versed in both Greek and Latin, but he lived before the Reformation, when the Bible was restricted to the clergy. So he had never read it in depth.

One day a friend who was a priest gave him a copy of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and he studied them in full and in the original language for the first time.

Linacre thought for a while, and then handed them back to the priest with the remark, "Either these are not the Gospels, or we are not Christians."

This story raises so many pertinent questions—one of which is...
How is it possible for Christianity to morph into something so unlike Christ?

Here's a thought.

[Note: The true story of Thomas Linacre above was taken from Os Guinness' book, Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times.]

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