Secrets for a Disciplemaking Movement

One candle lights another only when they are brought close together.

Isn't this exactly how Jesus did it?

Think about this.
* If you're not walking close enough to Jesus to receive the flame...


* if you're not prayerfully pulling a handful of people close enough so you can pass the flame on to them...

then it doesn't really matter how much religious activity you are involved in... you'll never be a Jesus-like disciplemaker who receives the flame and then passes it on to others—who then pass it on to others, ad infinitum.

Is that ok with you?

I hope not.

Ponder the truth of this in your life: One candle lights another only when they are brought close together.

Are you close enough to the flame to receive it... and close enough to others to pass it on?

What does this look like in real life?
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* Like this.
* And like this.

What crazy and wild things might God do IF you took the time to catch and pass on a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life to few people—who then passed it on to others?

"If the only time people see you is on a stage, you are a performer, not a minister."  –Beth Parker

Here are some biblical and practical resources that will equip you to receive the flame from Jesus and pass it on others... thus creating a culture of disciplemaking...

The One Another Living Guide is your journey through twenty-five life-changing "one another" verses from the Bible. It's a pocket-sized booklet of biblical challenges that help you and your friends inflow the love of God into your lives—and then helps you overflow God's love into your everyday relationships in practical ways.

The John 3:16 Factor Living Guide is a collection of twenty-five biblical challenges and insights that helps you fill your heart with the love of God—and then helps you overflow God's love into your relationships with people who don't yet have a relationship with God

The Disciplemaker's Living Guide is twenty-five studies to help you wrestle the disciplemaking genius of Jesus with your friends. Think of it as twenty-five adventures in loving God, loving people, and making disciplemakers—together!

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