Sunday, July 12, 2015

The most important thing you must do for ministry volunteers and students...

I often ask my ministry friends, "What are you doing these days to encourage and equip volunteers and students in your ministry?"

They often say something like, "We'll, we meet about 45 minute before our ministry program to plan and to pray."

While I fully appreciate the need for organizing volunteers and prayer, I wasn't asking about how they are organizing volunteers for ministry. I was asking how they are encouraging and equipping volunteers for ministry.

Right now is the best time to schedule Cadre for a time of encouragement and equipping for the volunteers and students who serve in ministry!
We'd love to bring one of Cadre's disciplemaking training experiences to the volunteer leaders and students who serve in ministry. Carefully consider the following...

Your Next Steps...
1. Click each of the three links above and carefully read about three of the core disciplemaking training experiences we can bring to those in your ministry.

2. Share this post with those who serve in ministry with you. 

3. For complete details or more information, email me.

So you're still not sure the volunteers and students at your church or ministry need training?

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