Your Job Matters to God...

I'm proud to be friends with this guy since he was a teenager!

If video doesn't appear, go here.

Mike nailed it! Lives it! Models it!

All of life IS a missions trip... including your job!

But let's be honest: Most people don't approach their job/work as if it really matters to God... do they?

So, practically speaking, how can you move toward this all-of-life-IS-a-missions-trip way of living?

Great question.

Start here.

Then check out the related posts near the bottom of this post.

And he has a bathroom in his house filled with fun Elvis stuff! Not your average pastor!

Me with Pastor Mike back when he looked a lot like Lemmy from the band Motorhead. (As you can see, Mike and I like the same football team too. It's the same football team Jesus likes.)

Disciplemaking friends... with a selfie stick.

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