The only thing worth my short life...

[If you really want to know what I think is the only thing worth my short life, start reading and don't stop until you've finished reading all the text by each picture. You'll know. Thanks for stopping by Cup O Joe with Bill. You totally make my day!]

You've no doubt heard of the "selfie," but have you ever heard of the "usie"? The pictures you will see below include other people—therefore they are not "selfies" and therefore I'm not a teenage girl. I am, however, an old man with an "usie" stick (not a selfie stick) on a mission to perfect the art of the usie.
We had a great time in January doing disciplemaking training for students and youth leaders in Green Bay, WI, for the Forest Lakes District Youth Conference.

The are the guys who a the current cohort group of the Peoria Area Leadership Community—a Disciplemaking Learning Community.

It was my honor to speak to students and youth leaders at Catalyst Camps as a part of Cedar Lakes Ministries in Indian. About 30 students indicated they trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and many more were involved in disciplemaking after the retreat as they took the 21 day challenge together—one chapter of the book of John for 21 days. One youth leader wrote, "Amazing time at middle school winter camp at Cedar Lake this weekend!!!! Praise God that 7 of our students made decisions this weekend to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior and others rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ."

Five of my six daughters... all sassy. They obviously take after their mother.

Some of the guys who are the Peoria Area Leadership Community Ongoing group. At this lunch gathering, we wrestled Why Youth Ministries Fail and What to Do About It. It was an rich and iron sharpening iron time together. And the food wasn't bad either.

In February, I spent a morning with volunteer youth leaders from the Evangelical Free Church in Bloomington, IL exploring How to Be a Disciple Who Makes More Disciples. Each volunteer youth leader got a copy of the Disicplemaker's Guide for continued encouragement and equipping.

Another daughter. Another dance. Another boy. Pray for me.

My friend, Bill White (middle), was installed as the senior pastor of Knox Bible Church. It was my honor to challenge the congregation with Seven Biblical Ways God Wants YOU to Encourage Your Pastor. Also loved meeting with Dr. J.K. Jones (right).

So much fun speaking to students and youth leaders at Timber-lee's Winter Xtreme in Wisconsin. I personally heard from about a dozen students trusting Christ as Savior—and many more asking their youth leaders to disciple them! Here's a text I got from one of the youth leaders after the weekend: "I'm currently engaged in three separate groups of students wrestling the Gospel of John. Thank you for what you do."

 A student who walked up to me and shared with me his story and how he trusted Christ as his Savior at Timber-lee! BONUS: Ivy learning the art of photobombing.

The young lady in the center trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior last year (2015) when I was at Timber-lee. She shared her story with me this year. It totally encouraged my heart. Her volunteer youth leader (right) has been walking alongside of her and they are a part of a great youth ministry together!

Disciplemaking Pastors? You bet. Pastors from Church of God churches all over IL gathered in Decatur to explore How to Become a Disciplemaking Leader Like Jesus last Thursday. It was a great day!

Investing in the next generation of disciplemakers. It's the only thing worth my short life. Just like is says in Psalm 71:18: "Now that I am old and gray... Let me proclaim your power to this new generation...."

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