7 Compelling Reasons Dads Really Matter...

and every reason has something to do with disciplemaking.

Be encouraged dad!

You really do matter. Here's 7 compelling reasons WHY...
1. You're the family comedian
2. You're a Disciplemaking Dad
3. You do what all dads do: Embarrass your kids
4. You have more influence than you realize
5. You're never a "babysitter" when you're with YOUR kids 
6. You're a "loser filter" for guys interested in your daughter
7. You're an incredible encourager

Do you know a dad who would be encouraged by this post?

What are you waiting for?

Copy and send this link to him now—http://bit.ly/24Ks09x—and tell him THANKS!

Happy Father's Day to crazy dads with crazy kids everywhere.

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