If God allows me to grow old, here's how I want to live...

I was at our ridiculously small—okay, I'll just say it—podunk—post office. (Which I love!) I was dropping off our latest missionary prayer letter. A few days earlier, a small team of our friends and family generously helped us apply labels and stamps to envelopes and now, here I was with an overflowing bin of prayer letters ready to be mailed to our friends around the country.

Once I got through the door, I found myself waiting in line behind a little old lady. I'm not kidding. She was little, old, and a lady. For quite a while, it was just the little old lady and me standing there facing the same direction. No postal worker in sight. Then I heard a voice from the back room: "I'll be right with you in moment." That's when I decided to put my big box of mail on the floor.

The little old lady heard me, turned around, took a look at me, and then looked down at the big pile of mail. I'd guess she was in her 80s or maybe even in her 90s. She said, "You've got a lot to mail today." I smiled and agreed. Then she politely nodded and turned around.

The two of us continued to wait together. Quietly. Patiently. Still no sign of the postal worker.

Finally, the little old lady turned around again and earnestly said, "Did you know if you repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, you can become a Christian?"

I got goosebumps. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I LOVE that this little old lady was trying to share the Gospel of Jesus with me. Think about it. When is that last time someone tried to share Jesus with you? It's so rare. And there's something about her being a little old lady that makes this all the more charming, wonderful, and instructive for me.

I stepped in front on my large box of envelopes and said with a smile, "When I was 15-years-old, I heard the story of Jesus. I repented and put my trust in Jesus." Her eyes lit up and a great big smile came over her face. I continued, "This big box of letters I'm mailing today are our prayer letters. I'm a missionary."

She looked me right in the eyes and said so matter-of-factly that it shook me, "Aren't we all?"

* Here's why she's right.

* Here's how YOU—as a follower of Jesus—can practically and daily embrace your God-given identity as a missionary.

* Here's a FREE audio that dispels the reasons you don't believe you're a missionary.

* Here's training that can equip you to live like a missionary—no matter what you do for a living.

* Here are some practical next-step resources for living like the missionary God designed you to be.

* And if you're really crazy, this.

Thanks for stopping by for this Psalm 71:18 Moment...
"Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God, Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me."
—Psalms 71:18

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