Fake News, Biased News, and Good News: The Three News Sources I Trust the Most

"Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger." —Proverbs 29:8

You feeling agitated these days?

You might want to consider a break from your favorite source of "news." That's right. I put quotes around the word "news." And yes, I'm talking about your favorite source of news—no matter what side you're on. The goal of reporting news today isn't necessarily to bring you real and pertinent news. The goal is to get your attention for an agenda—and fear-based news tends to get our attention whether it's true or not.

There are a lot of voices shouting on all sides. AND I MEAN SHOUTING!

Frankly, I'm not a real big fan of all the shouting—especially online via social media where the driving motivation is simply to get clicks and/or to "trend."

With all the talk about fake news (which I don't believe is new or going away anytime soon), it's got me wondering...

When it comes to finding trustworthy news, what is one to do?

All news—yes, even your favorite source of news—is biased. (Of course, that's just my biased opinion. Is that a smile I see on your face?)

That's why it's important to know exactly what that bias is. For only then will you have a grid to filter what you hear/read/see. Then you'll be able to start thinking for yourself—rather than just lapping up whatever is served be it drivel or truth or some hybrid.

All this has prompted me to seek out alternative sources of news. By alternative, I don't mean unbiased. Again, there is no source of news that is unbiased. I simply mean ones that honestly state what their bias is up front.

Wouldn't that be refreshing in this day and age of slight of hand news?

After gentle and persistent prodding from a close friend whom I respect greatly (thanks Jeremy), I decided to start listening to [1] The World and Everything In It. It's a 30 minute Monday-Friday podcast—which makes it very easy to access while driving or exercising. And get this, their bias is "News from a Biblical Worldview Perpective." As such, they've been known to not cater to the left or right—for that isn't their goal.

After a year of listening almost daily,  I can honestly say that not only am I not agitated but I'm also smarter about what is going on in the world. In almost every episode I hear segments of news that no other news sources take the time to explore. Why? Because not many daily news organizations are looking through the lens of a biblical worldview. Frankly, I find that lens new, compelling, and relevant.

So if you're so inclined to take a listen right now, all you have to do is go here. If you're more of a podcast listener, go here. It's America, so you don't have to do anything.

FYI: It did take me a number of listens before I started listening regularly, so it wasn't really love at first listen for me. And I'm not saying this is my only source of news. (I enjoy [2] this source and I'm also fond of the both-sides-are-fair-game takes and irreverent humor on the news of the day as exhibited on the [3] Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins radio show.) I'm simply saying I am finding this particular source of news, The World and Everything In It, to be a breath of fresh air in a news atmosphere that currently seems to be rife with excessive shouting, purposeful deception, and "alternative facts" (whatever those are).

I think it's worth a listen. That's the only reason I'm sharing it with you on Cup O' Joe with Bill right now. Whether you listen or not, thank you for reading all the way to the end.


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