Becoming the Disciplemaker You've Always Wanted to Be...

If you really want your ministry to thrive for the glory of God, then you'd better figure out how to help volunteers be disciples who make disciples who make more disciples.

I have great news for you.

Help is on the way!

Here is your invitation to to make the Summer of 2017 a "summer of love" for God, volunteers, and your ministry. Even more good news: You are free to participate in one, two, or all three of these summer training experiences for one-time tuition of $30 (includes training materials). Here's the plan...

Session #1 
Being a Disciple...
We'll explore...
* Why a disciple's attitude is critically important
* How to tap into the power of transformational learning
* Your most important job as a disciple
* Thursday, July 6, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Metal Barn, 9621 State Rt 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Session #2 
Who Makes Disciples...
We'll explore...
* Why programs can either hinder or help disciplemaking
* How to measure the success of disciplemaking
* How disciplemaking and evangelism are connected
* Thursday, July 27, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Christian Center, 4100 Brandywine Dr, Peoria, IL

Session #3 
Who Make MORE Disciples... 
We'll explore...
* Multiplying disciplemakers step #1
* How to lead up without sucking up
* How to lead when you feel like quitting
* Thursday, August 24, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Metal Barn, 9621 State Rt 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Each of these three training sessions are filled with practical tools for personal and team assessments. You should use what your learn with the volunteers who serve in ministry with you as soon as possible. You'll leave with clear next steps for immediate application.

This training is for anyone who serves in a ministry—volunteers and/or paid staff. If possible, please bring another leader (volunteer or paid staff) from your church or ministry as this will help you both process and apply these training experiences. If you aren't able to bring someone from your church or ministry, you're welcome to bring another ministry leader from your network or denomination. If you can't find anyone else to join you for one or more of these training sessions, please come yourself.

There is a one-time tuition of $30 per person (includes training materials) whether you participate in one, two, or all three of these summer equipping experiences.

Training Materials?

Each person will get the updated edition of the Disciplemaker's Guide to Grow, Minister, and Lead book—a ten chapter disciplemaking manual for anyone who works with volunteers in a ministry setting. 

To save your spot in one of more of these training experiences, please contact Bill and let him know what dates you'll be attending and who you're bringing with you.

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