Stuff I Love (and you might too)

Some silly and some serious—and some both silly and serious—in no particular order...

1. Irony

2. Laughing at Myself as I Get Older.
Yes, I still love Eysals Coffee. But I like ZuZu Coffee just as much. 
Now THAT is saying something. It's all in the roasting baby. ZuZu is some of the best coffee I've EVER had.

4. My Funny Wife

5. The Pandemic
This monster is called The Pandemic
(I'm referring to the pancake, not the child.)

For about $16 you can feed a large family like ours and still have some leftover. Not joking. Plus, what's not to like about a ridiculously overgrown pancake? Just in case one mega pancake isn't enough, there are actually TWO pancakes stacked upon each other. And how about all that butter?

6. News That Isn't Fake
Unlike the above picture, here's a link to my current favorite source of news that isn't fake. I encourage you to check it out.

7. Whitey's Ice Cream
Join me by getting some Whitey's Ice Cream!

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