True Story: The REAL mission of Cadre Missionaries...

Last fall, in partnership with the Evangelical Free Church of American, we traveled to Minnesota to equip a cadre of trainers to take Cadre's Evangelism Is Relationships training back to their churches, ministries, and spheres of influence.
Pastor Dan Nyquist recently sent us this picture and this note:

Bill, Dave, and Rennie,

It was a sweet blessing to spend time with about 15 individuals and couples from our church going through the Evangelism Is Relationships training! 
Thanks for praying with us!

God brought a lot of things to the surface of our lives, and it was challenging, yet encouraging, to wrestle with these things together. I’ve heard some encouraging things from those who participated and hope to hear more in the days to come!

I'm so thankful for Holy Spirit’s instruction, exhortation, and encouragement through the Word, Prayer, and Fellowship with each other.

With love for JESUS,

Pastor Dan

We're not joking when we say Cadre Missionaries is all about making disciplemakers. If you pray and/or $ support us as Cadre missionaries, THANK YOU for investing in us... so we can invest in others... who actually invest in others... who will invest in others, ad infinitum. In other words, thank you for investing in disciplemaking—which the life of Jesus shows us is the most powerful and way to change the world—starting right where you live.
Want more?
* Are you interested in becoming a trainer?
* Want to know more about Evangelism Is Relationships training?

To God—and God alone—be all the glory!

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