You can't make disciples from a stage...

(Ironic, ain't it? I'm preaching from a stage. Keep reading.)

Making disciplemakers is a strategic way to invest one's life. Making disciplemakers with the next generations and those who love the next generations is even more so. Think about it.

Disciplemaking is the only thing worth my short life because it's the way to bring God maximum glory. It's why I've hovered around the next generations and ministries like Timber-lee for years. 

"Bill, I was just at Timber-lee and God really spoke to me. I am a believer and I LOVE GOD. I have been following him and sharing my faith, but I never really had my parents help me. So when I got back I went up to my dad and told him that I love him. And what I had learned. Then I asked him to do the 21 Day Challenge through the Gospel of John with me. He was so happy!! I also am I a group chat with one of my friends. We are going to video chat every day after we read to talk about what we are learning together. I thank you so much for teaching us!! P.S. some of our friends do not believe that we added into the chat. We are going to help each other minster to then. And be disciples for Christ!" —a student

"You have simply no idea how much of a blessing you were to our youth this weekend. They can't stop talking about how they heard God speak so clearly through you. You have an incredible gift and I am extremely challenged by your knowledge of the Word and how God is using you. Such good stuff! Thank you for the resources and will definitely look into seeing about the training you do. Always love learning and growing! Thanks again Bill."
Laura Burke
Director of Junior High, Calvary United Methodist Church, Normal IL

It's so much fun to encourage and equip youth leaders because they are disciplemakers.

And because of friends like you who pray for us and $ partner with Cadre Missionaries, we get to do this ministry as a family! We thank God for you!

You can't make disciples from a stage. That's why we spend time WITH students and youth leaders in between sessions. I contend that this time off the stage is just as important—and many times more important—as anything that happens on a stage. Here's why this is true.

Yeah, but does anything that happens at a camp really last more than a couple of days? Here's a fun and crazy story. This young lady in the blue-ish hair was at Timber-lee with me the year before this year. She told me that last year she took the 21 Day Challenge to read one chapter a day through the book of John for 21 days with her friends. And, after she finished reading the Gospel of John, she never stopped reading until she had read through the entire Bible. God is transforming her life! She wrote me saying that those closest to her "have pointed out daily that I seem to be a new person—stronger and ready to face demons in my path instead of falling prey to them." It turns out, God's Word is enough.

This is from a student. This makes my day.

"Thanks for bringing God’s Word to our students in such a relatable way. I really saw hearts open in powerful ways."
Pastor Greg Lynas
Hope Evangelical Free Church
Associate Pastor of Student Ministries and Young Adults, Roscoe, IL

Here's a picture that screams, "Disciplemaking friendship" over the years!

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness." —Psalms115:1

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