Sunday, July 29, 2018

The first and foremost need of the day?

Click image below to enlarge for viewing and thinking...
Study the above diagram closely. I dare you to think this through.

Is this true? Why or why not?

What happens if you start at the top—focusing your energies on everything but developing disciplemaking men and women?

What could happen if we start at the bottom—focusing our energies first and foremost on developing disciplemaking men and women?

Now, take what you know about Jesus' life and ministry and run it through the diagram above.

Could it really be that the first and foremost need of our day is disciplemaking men and women? 

I concede that focusing on helping men and women live and share a disciplemaking way of life with others isn't as sexy or cool as say, "casting a compelling vision" for a whole community, neighborhood, or church.

But since when have the followers of Jesus been about the sexy and cool?

Instead of asking, "What does disciplemaking look like in the church?" perhaps we should start asking, "What does disciplemaking look like in my everyday life?"

Here are some thoughts—if you dare...
Why start with disciplemaking men and women first?
What does disciplemaking look like in real life?
Where is a good place to start as a disciplemaker?
Do you need a word of encouragement about disciplemaking?
What if disciplemaking really is the main thing?
Are you at the mercy of the next cool thing?

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