How God Used YOU via Us for HIS Glory in 2018!

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Thank you SO MUCH for every prayer you pray on our behalf and every penny you give to our disciplemaking mission as Cadre Missionaries. We couldn't be disciplemaking missionaries without friends like you. 
* To join our email prayer team about 2x a month, email me.
* To $ partner with the Allisons and Cadre Missionaries, go here.

From all of us Allisons, THANK YOU!

Can we be on your refrigerator? 
All you have to do is email me your snail mail address and we'll our send our missionary photo with a magnet on the back—perfect for putting on your fridge so you'll be nudged by God from time to time to pray for us. (Thanks to Jarrod and Ky Briggs for sending me this picture and making our day!)


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