Will you please pray for us this week?

Staring right now, we're on a disciplemaking mission trip to AZ, UT, and NV—and we will need your prayers every day for the next eight days. When I say we need your prayers, I'm not kidding. (If you’d also like to help us with $ support for this mission trip, go here.)

Seriously, would you please pray for us this week?

Why are we doing this?
The real mission of Cadre is to make disciplemakers who make more disciplemakers. So this next week is NOT just 8-10 days of busy ministry activities, and then we come home and forget about it. No way. This is way more ongoing and strategic than a "one-and-done" type of thing. My friendship with Derrick Smothers has been and always will be about living and sharing Jesus-like disciplemaking friendships that multiply to others. This time, Stacy, Ivy, and I have the honor of coming alongside Derrick's ongoing disciplemaking ministry in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada—and we'll continue to encourage and equip each other long after this particular disciplemaking adventure is over.

Who should you pray for?
* Derrick Smothers, Executive Director of The E3 Connection.
* Stacy, Ivy, and me

What should you pray for?
We're on Jesus' mission of making disciplemakerslike this. If you'd PRAY THIS every day for us, we'd be so thankful!

How can you pray for us?
Here's our tentative schedule…

* Travel to west to AZ, UT, and NV—so please pray for safety and efficiency.

The  Challenge of Finishing Well at Sun Valley Church, Tempe, AZ, Sunday morning
How Following Jesus Together Overflows Into Our Friendships training experience at Sun Valley Church, Tempe, AZ, Sunday night


One Another training experience at River Valley Bible Church, Mesquite, NV

Work Day at Grace Reigns Church, Colorado City, AZ
Merged Gospels Study of the Life of Jesus at The Grace Place Church, Ivins, UT

Evangelism for the Rest of Us training experience, LaVerkin, UT

The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus training experience att New Hope Christian Church, Overton, NV

Preach at The Grace Place Church, Ivins, TN

* Travel home to IL—so please pray for safety and efficiency.

From our hearts to yours, THANK YOU for ever prayer you breathe on our behalf and every penny you invest in Jesus-like disciplemaking via Cadre. I can’t wait to see what God does for his great name and glory—and the extension of His Kingdom!
FYI: It's not too late to be God's $ wind in our disciplemaking sails. All you have to do is go hereEvery gift of any size is a huge blessing and encouragement to us! THANK YOU! We really are your disciplemaking missionaries.

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