Seven Questions I Dare YOU to Wrestle with Friends...

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." 

How simply and accurately can YOU explain Jesus-like disciplemaking? 

Around your dinner table over a meal, in your small group, at your next staff meeting, elder's meeting, Sunday school class, Bible study, ministry leader's meeting, at your next student ministries gathering, at your next retreat, date night, parenting class, while you are having coffee with a friend, I dare you to wrestle THESE questions...

1. What is a disciple?
2. What is disciplemaking?
3. How important is friendship in disciplemaking? Why?
4. How do you measure your effectiveness as a disciplemaker?
5. Who are you currently discipling? How so?
6. When you are with your disciplemaking friends, what do you do together? Be specific.
7. What does supporting disciplemaking look like in your church, ministry, and family?

[Note: The above seven questions were excerpted from The Disciplemaker's Living Guide by (c) 2018 Used by permission.]
"This book written by my friend, Bill Allison, is probably one of the simplest, clearest, most assessable descriptions of disciplemaking I know. I dare you to grab a friend or two and read this together."
Shane Stacey

Former National Student Ministries Director with the Evangelical Free Church of America and current Adult Equipping Pastor, Hosanna Church, Minneapolis, MN

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