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I grudgingly turned 57 on April 23rd. And I totally ate most of this chocolate pie. The kids don’t even challenge me any more. Wherever I am—no matter who I’m with—I feel like the youngest person in the room… until I see a mirror or a picture. But then, like a goldfish, I quickly forget again. It’s a gift from God. (Note: We FaceTimed our son and his wife to celebrate my pandemic birthday!)

This is a current picture of my wife. Don’t tell her I said this. Any of you ladies have a case of "Covid 19 hair"? It’s a real thing.

My daughter mowing the lawn. Yes, that's a snowman. Welcome to Illinois in April.

My youngest daughter is in Classical Conversations. She was assigned to a presentation. Since I've been teaching her the guitar, we took the show on the virtual Zoom road! Set list included: Hello There (Cheap Trick), Walk on the Water (our version of Smoke on the Water), One in the Spirit, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Jesus Loves Me, and for the encore we did Secret Agent Man. #WillPlayforFoodorToiletPaper #HomeSchoolMusicClass

I'm just going to leave this picture here for any of you old people who needed to see it.

What are you reading during this time of quarantine. I'd love to know. Here's what I'm reading. (Here's a FREE short read.)

While the governor of Illinois pretty much has us on lockdown, the governor of Iowa has opened up the churches as long as they hold to social distancing requirements. A few days ago, I got an email. For most of the Sundays in May we’ll be traveling to Iowa where I’ll preach God’s Word and encourage God’s people to live as disciplemakers in a pandemicWould you please pray us RIGHT NOW for our ministry in Iowa?

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