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This post is simply a celebration of what God is doing through The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book! 
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Pastor Jeromy Waunch and his small group from The Vine Community Church, Deer Park, WA!

This post is celebrating God's goodness with our friends—like YOU. If you don't see yourself and your friends/family in any of these pics below, you can change that. All you have to do is send me a pic of you sharing The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book with your friends/family—and I'll add it to this post.

And BTW, I really appreciate this endorsement:
“The reason why we study the history of the New Testament, after all, is that Jesus and his first followers constitute the basis for normative Christianity.”
—N.T. Wright

Okay, N.T. Wright was exactly referring to The Disicplemaking Genius of Jesus book, but nonetheless his remarks above are exactly why we released this book three-years ago! (Yeah, N.T. doesn't even know of our existence. But Jesus does! N.T., if you're reading this, I couldn't have said it better. You should consider writing some books. : )

On the third anniversary of our book, The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus, we wanted to share some of the pictures and notes we've received. Enjoy. And to God be the glory!

This could be your church staff meeting wrestling

This could be your mission trip to Africa

This could be your small group studying, livings and sharing
LifePoint Church, Riverdale Campus, in Smyrna TN!

This could be your pastor studying, living, and sharing
"I've read dozens of discipleship books, used lots of programs and manuals, studied with lots of different people as a part of my efforts to obey Jesus and make disciples. But few of these paid off in producing disciples who then make disciples. The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus gives me a simple, reproducible, easily-explainable way too show someone how to do what Jesus did with someone else. Saying that I recommend the book seems like an understatement. It has been transformative in my life and in the life of several members of our church family. If you take the time to read this, understand it, put it into practice, you'll succeed in making disciples like Jesus did. And what is better than that?" —Pastor Joe Horn, Chillicothe Bible Church, IL

This could be your pastor disciplemaking group studying, living, and sharing
One of Pastor Joe's Disciplemaking Learning Communities
at Chillicothe Bible Church

This could be you and your friends studying, living, and sharing 
The Missions Team of Community Free Church, Mahomet, IL

This could be you and another pastor studying, living, and sharing 
Pastor Seth Fagerland and Pastor Zachary Boardman, Rock Point Church, Lake Elmo, MN

This could be you friends studying, living, and sharing 
Our longtime and dear friend, Glen Rittenhouse.

This could be your Pastor studying, living, and sharing 
Pastor Jason Schifo (see page 40).

This could be the volunteers of your church studying, living, and sharing 
Pastor Jason Schifo, purchased these for the volunteers at the Community Free Church, Mahomet, IL!

This could be you and your friends studying, living, and sharing 
Crazy Pastor Steve (see pages 118-120),
Cole Espenschied, Kingdom Sports, and
Eric Biehl Volunteer Youth Leader at CrossWalk Fellowship, Delavan, IL

This could be you and your friends studying, living, and sharing 
"Outside of the Bible, this is the book that has shaped how I live ministry."
Pastor Nate Stenholtz and Pastor Myles Hanson, Oakwood Church, Heartland, WI.

This could be you and your friend studying, living, and sharing 
Two disciplemaking friends of Pastor Dan Gute, New Life Community Church, Hobart, IN

The elders, New Life Community Church, Hobart, IN

This could be you and your daughter studying, living, and sharing 
Pastor Joe Potuznik, Lead Pastor at The CrossRoads, Johnson Creek, WI.

This could be you and your son studying, living, and sharing 
"The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus, written by my friend, Bill Allison, is probably one of the simplest, clearest, and most accessible descriptions of disciplemaking I dare you to grab a friend or two and read this together!" —Shane Stacey, former National Director of Student Ministries, Evangelical Free Church of America, former Adult Equipping Pastor, Hosanna Church, Lakeville, MN, currently serving with Future Church Company

This could be you and your ministry studying, living, and sharing 
"We had to order more of The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus books. We're going through the book as a staff and I have begun encouraging them to think about who they are going to go through the book with next. I am also going through the book with a pastor of a church and he wants 5 books to go through with his leadership team when we are done.

I am also giving them out to ministry leaders who oversee training for pastors around the country to see if it is something they would like to promote. I am a part of a group called the Rural Matters Institute at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and I gave one to the director last week at a conference in KS.

Thank you for writing such a good disciplemaking book."

Brian Fischer, Executive Director, Teens for Christ Connection, St. Phillipsburg, KS


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