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The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus Training Experience
There’s a lot of talk about disciplemaking these days. But what does disciplemaking really look like for you in your everyday real life? That's what we'll explore together. You'll be encouraged and equipped. Bring your Bible, some friends, and your sense of humor.

With a focus on Jesus, we'll explore how to be a disciple—who makes disciples—who make more disciples.

Session 1 Be a Disciple (D1)
Everything in life will try to pull you off the simplicity of following Jesus together with others.

Session 2 Who Makes Disciples (D2)
Following Jesus isn’t a subject to be mastered, but an infectious way of life that is lived together and shared with others.

Session 3 Who Make More Disciples (D3)
If those we disciple don’t make more disciples, then we haven’t made disciples like Jesus.

When? Where?
Saturday morning, April 20, 2024

For anyone interested in learning how to be a disciple of Jesus who makes more disciples of Jesus. You are encouraged to bring your spouse, teenagers, church staff, ministry leaders, all volunteers, elders, pastors, student leaders, etc. 

$15 per person for training materials

Training Materials?
Each person will receive a Disciplemaker's Living Guide AND each family will receive The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book for living and sharing what you learn with others. 

Want to bring this training to your church or ministry? 

Still not sure? 
Listen to this and if it resonates with you, contact us! 


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