The Disciplemaking Power of Meals, Stories, and Questions...

Current discipleship efforts are often premised on...
1. Programs

2. Information

3. Statements

As I study The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus in the four Gospels, Jesus' disciplemaking efforts often included...

1. Meals

2. Stories

3. Questions

While I'm not against programs, information, and statements, I LOVE the vitality, community, and Gospel transformation that meals, stories, and questions bring to disciplemaking friendships.

But dream with me for a moment.
What might God do in your...
Bible study, 
youth group, 
Elders' meetings, 
small group, 
church staff meeting, 
if you leaned into your friends, family, and acquaintances with meals, stories, and questions?
"The Son of Man came eating and drinking..." (Matthew 11:19). Two-thousand years later, Jesus is still way ahead of us when it comes to discipleship and disciplemaking.

Good news! Jesus left us his disciplemaking example—which includes: Meals. Stories. Questions.

Will you aspire to imitate Jesus?
Or do you think you have a better, more organized and efficient way?

If you're interested in exploring a Jesus-like life of discipleship around meals, stories, and questions, this is for you.

If you're really crazy, consider joining us for this!

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